Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation

Taxes. Yuck!

Okay—it's a thing. A part of life. Taxes! Yes. So...I've been preparing taxes for over 25 years. I'm not a CPA, and I'm not an Enrolled Agent. What I am is a Tax Preparer, and I do my continuing education every year (and pass a huge exam), even though I'm not required to. I just think it's a good idea to stay up-to-date on current tax law! You can verify my credentials with the IRS here: IRS Tax Preparer Directory Just enter my last name (Zawawi) and my ZIP code (33771) and click SEARCH. Here's a screenshot of the search results (“AFSP” stands for “Annual Filing Season Program Participant”):

You might ask, “Why is this composer/writer/editor/etc. doing tax prep?” The answer is: Because I can!

So, if you need some help with preparing your tax returns (personal or corporate), I can help. You can go to the beach, or even to Montana (see that awesome sunset at the top of this page? That's Montana!). Or you could sleep, or eat some ice cream. Meanwhile, I will be slaving away on your taxes and saving you the anguish and sheer terror so often attendant upon anything to do with the IRS. And know that no tax return that I've prepared has ever been audited (unless nobody told me, and I doubt that would ever happen! :D ). My philosophy on this: do everything in my power to have you pay the lowest taxes possible (or get the biggest refund possible) while being completely legal and ethical, so you can sleep well at night and get on with the business of LIVING.

I had some space left, so here's an anhinga:

And a sunset at Indian Rocks Beach:

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