Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bitten by an Ostrich (and an Armadillo, too)

I just wanted to mention that I've been bitten by an ostrich in my lifetime. And also by an armadillo. I believe this to be a distinction that not many can match.

These incidents both occurred during a trip to the Brookfield petting zoo (Chicago) when I was six years old.

The ostrich was a hungry bugger. I was holding a hefty hunk of bread in my hand, which was hanging by my side as I was checking out some rather unattractive turkeys. The ostrich snuck up behind me and the next thing I knew, my whole hand was in his mouth. He got the bread, and I got a bandaid.

The armadillo incident was negligible and without effect.

I'm actually pretty proud of all of this. I mean, who do you know who can say they've been bitten by an ostrich? Or an armadillo? Or BOTH?


Anonymous stan dubin said...

I was bitten by a German Shepard while jogging. I was doing a detoxification program at the time and having the German Shepard bury one of his canines into my leg and then shake my leg as it if were a rag, well, that was a most interesting experience. I have affinity for your ostrich and armadillo bite for sure!

10:06 AM  

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