Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Music

I've set up a page at where you can hear some of the music I played at my last concert:

All of the music was improvised on the spot ... mostly classical, some jazz.

Here are some of the comments people had to say about the concert:
"Soaking me in music straight to the bones ... Defying convention and free from coercion, JoJo's music -- music that takes hold of your innermost and compels you to close your eyes and feel it, imagine it, savor it. It brought about a rush of inspiration. Genius...."

"I just sat down in my chair, put on your CD, and wow! It was just so beautiful. The music went into every fiber of my being. It was absolutely incredible."

"She's amazing. She just makes up music on the spot, and it's BEAUTIFUL. She's a genius!"
Hope you enjoy it !


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