Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Chinese Backstreet Boys

Having recently discovered the hysterically funny lip-sync video done of the Backstreet Boys' tune "I Want It That Way" by a couple of Chinese students, I did a little research and found some information about them (and more videos!).

Also known as "The Asian Backstreet Boys", they apparently call themselves "The Chinese Back Dormitory Boys".

Links to download the video of them lip-syncing to the Back Street Boys' "I Want It That Way":

Seven videos of these guys lip-syncing to various songs, and information about them:

Their Blog (in Chinese):

A web page all about them (in Chinese):

The video of them lip-syncing "I Want It That Way" on Google Videos:

The video of them lip-syncing another Backstreet Boys tune on Google Videos:



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